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Xplicit Kleans offers quality solar panel cleaning in Brisbane and surrounding areas. We combine our service with a FREE solar imaging inspection that will help keep your system operating brand new all year round.

Solar systems on homes and businesses cleaned and maintained regularly are far more effective at generating electricity from feed-in tariffs than those left untouched. Solar panel cleaning is a crucial part of the maintenance process that shouldn't be overlooked.

Our specially developed cleaning system can quickly and efficiently clean your panels with minimal disruption to you. Our highly trained and insured team gives you peace of mind that professionals are cleaning your solar.


If the surface on your panels builds up dirt, bird droppings, pollen or other debris, it can prevent the absorption of the sun's rays, negatively impacting your electricity savings by as much as 30%.

Natural rainfall doesn't clean them effectively as the rain brings dirt from the atmosphere that sticks and dries to the panels leaving streaks.

Some airborne pollutants such as smog, industrial residues, and bird and bat droppings have a corrosive effect. If left untouched, this can lead to expensive and early repairs.

If your panels are under warranty, it is advisable to stick to the manufacturer's recommendations, which generally include a check-up and cleaning at least once a year to ensure maximum efficiency.

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    Avoid the Risk - hire An Expert

    There are plenty of risks to cleaning solar yourself to save a few dollars. Working at heights on a slippery roof, getting up and down ladders with cleaning equipment, and standing in the right spot to avoid damaging the roof or injuring yourself are not worth the cost-saving.

    If there is a crack or eroded part of a panel you are unaware of, spraying water into it could cause an electric shock. Even with your panels turned off, they can cause a burn when touched as the temperature can get very hot.

    Avoid the hassle and risks of attempting to clean the system yourself by hiring Xplicit Kleans. As well as doing a professional job, we also offer great discounts if you combine two or more of our external cleaning services, which is incredibly convenient if you have more than one area of your property that needs a good clean-up. Find out more today!

    Our Cleaning Process

    We use non-abrasive tools and deionized water to remove dirt and grime.

    We don't use harsh chemicals as they leave streaks and stains, and pollutants stick to the drying chemicals on the surface of the panels lowering their sun absorption capability and effectiveness.

    As a result of our environmentally friendly process, you can be confident that your system will stay cleaner for longer. Plus, going chemical-free is better for the environment, the native wildlife and any pets you have on your property.


    Thermal imaging cameras are the best way to find hairline cracks and hidden problems and prevent possible failures.

    The cameras use infrared to detect minimal temperature changes and help identify these issues before they become significant problems or help diagnose why your system isn't reducing your electricity bill as much as you had hoped.

    Using non-invasive equipment, our technician will inspect all the intricate components and inverter without turning anything off. A portable camera will pinpoint any temperature differences between the cells of the panels and identify any potential problems or faults that may be restricting your system from working to its capacity.

    When you use our Brisbane solar panel cleaners for the first time, we will offer you an inspection and report at no extra cost.

    How frequently should my solar panels be cleaned?

    As a general guideline, once every six months is sufficient unless your property is affected by environmental factors such as overhanging trees, nearby industrial pollutants or pests.

    Can I use a high-pressure washer on my panels?

    No, not only do manufacturers advise against it, you can potentially void a warranty. High-pressure water sprayed directly could separate the vacuum-sealed glass from either side of the panels exposing the internal components to water.

    Will my panels still generate electricity if they are dirty?

    Yes, but depending on the amount of debris, they will lose their efficiency and potentially increase your power bills if sunlight absorption is blocked.

    Should my solar system be turned off before cleaning?

    Yes, it pays to be safe with any electrical component when you clean; your solar is no different. The typical system can be shut off quickly at your meter box when we get there.

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