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Here at Xplicit Kleans, we offer expert solar panel cleaning services combined with a FREE solar imaging inspection that will keep your solar panels operating like new all year round.

Solar panels on homes and businesses cleaned and maintained regularly are far more effective at generating electricity from feed-in tariffs than those left untouched.


If the surface of your solar panels builds up dirt, grime, pollen or other debris, it can prevent the absorption of the suns rays, negatively impacting your electricity savings by as much as 30%.

Natural rainfall doesn’t clean them effectively as the rain brings dirt from the atmosphere that sticks and dries to the panels leaving streaks.

Some airborne pollutants such as smog, industrial residues, bird and bat droppings have a corrosive effect. If left untouched, this can lead to expensive and early repairs.

If your panels are under warranty, it is advisable to stick to the solar panel manufacturers recommendations, which recommend inspecting and cleaning at least once a year.


Save time – hire A Solar Panel Cleaner

There are plenty of risks involved with cleaning solar panels yourself to save a few dollars. Working at heights on a slippery roof, getting up and down ladders with cleaning equipment, standing in the right spot to avoid damaging the roof or injuring yourself is not worth the cost-saving.

If there is a crack or eroded part of a panel you are unaware of, spraying water into it could cause an electric shock. Even with solar panels turned off, they can cause a burn when touched as the temperature can get very hot.

Avoid the hassle and risks of cleaning solar panels yourself by hiring Xplicit Kleans. We also offer great discounts if you combine your solar panel clean with another external cleaning service if you want to take away all the hassles in one go. Find out more today!.

Our Process

We use non-abrasive tools and deionized water to remove the dirt and grime from your solar panels.

We don’t use chemical-based products as they leave streaks and stains, and pollutants stick to the drying chemicals on the surface of the panels lowering their sun absorption capability and effectiveness.

As a result of our process, you can be confident that your solar panels will stay cleaner for longer. Plus, going chemical-free is just better for the environment, the native wildlife and any pets you have at your property.


Thermal imaging cameras are the best way of evaluating solar panels for cracks, problems and failures. Over time, solar panels can lose their efficiency in generating electricity from a lack of maintenance, build of debris, damage from storms or even a poor installation.

Using specialist non-invasive equipment, we can inspect the solar panels and components without turning anything off. A portable thermal imaging camera will pinpoint any temperature differences between the cells of the solar panels and identify any potential problems or faults that may be restricting your system from working to its capacity.

Currently, when you book our Brisbane solar panel cleaning services for the first time, Xplicit Kleans will offer a thermal imaging inspection and report at no extra cost.

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