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Our gutter cleaning service will professionally remove the build-up of leaves and other debris from your gutters, so they look great and won't overflow when it rains.

The friendly team at Xplicit Kleans are fully insured, highly experienced, and experts at scaling ladders and working at heights to clean out blocked gutters.

We carry specialised equipment and apply the correct techniques to ensure your gutters are cleaned correctly and safely, so you don't have the hassle of doing it yourself.

Why you need Clean Gutters

Your roof gutters capture rainwater and direct it away from your property through your downpipes and the underground stormwater system.

Gutters get blocked over time from a build-up of dirt, leaves, branches, dead birds and other small animals.

Blocked gutters can cause rainwater to overflow onto the ground, damaging the exterior of the building, surrounding gardens, and even the inside of your property.

Blockages can divert rainwater into the eaves, over roof valleys, or even back up under the roof cladding. If rainwater gets inside, it can damage ceilings, walls, carpets, timber flooring, electrical lights, sockets, appliances, and furniture.

To avoid potential problems, we recommend an inspection and clean at least once a year for small to medium-sized properties and twice a year for larger buildings or those in heavily treed areas..

For more information about our gutter cleaning service or to book, please give us a call:

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    Servicing Homes and Businesses

    Residential Homes

    Our residential gutter cleaning service is suitable for single and two-storey properties such as houses and townhouses. We will clean the entire gutter length, including the roof valleys, checking and clearing any potential blockages.

    Commercial Properties

    Our commercial gutter cleaning service is for shops, offices, medical buildings, motels, retail stores, schools and aged care homes. The service is also suitable for both single and double-storey commercial properties..


    If this is the first time using our gutter cleaning service, we would like to offer you a 15% discount!

    For more information about our multiple service discounts, please get in touch!

    Signs Your GutterS Need a Clean

    Even if you've never had your gutters cleaned before, or it's been so long that you can't remember when the last time was, then they're likely overdue for a thorough inspection and clean-out. There are also many visual signs you shouldn't ignore, with the most common of these being:

    Gutters Overflow When it Rains

    If your gutters overflow when it rains, it's a sure sign there is a blockage

    Stains on the Ceiling

    If you notice a stain or strange mark on the ceiling inside, it could mean water is leaking from a blockage in the valley of your roof.

    Foliage in the Gutter

    Plants, small bushes or weeds growing inside the gutter..

    Gutter is Sagging

    If you notice a gutter sagging down, it's most likely the weight of rubbish and dirt is causing it.

    Water on the floor or walls

    Water appearing on the inside floor or wall can be due to the water back flowing from the eaves.

    Increased Pest Activity

    Pests like rats, birds, insects, possums and even snakes can make themselves home amongst built-up debris.

    If you aren't sure when you last had those gutters checked and cleaned, or you have noticed one of the telling signs above, please get in touch to book an inspection, and we will send one of our team around as soon as we can.

    Our Difference

    We're a team that enjoys getting our hands dirty, and we take great satisfaction in making a positive impact with our service so that you will have us back again. Even though we are up to our elbows at times, we retain an excellent eye for detail to let you know of any minor issues we might spot that may cause a problem down the track, and we always go out of our way to ensure you are satisfied with our services.

    We always provide generous discounts, especially if you choose two or more services.

    Our guys are very polite, well presented and super respectful of your property, cleaning and tidying as we go, not just at the very end. We believe our Brisbane gutter cleaning service is head and shoulders above the rest and look forward to showing you how good we are at your next convenience.

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    If you would like to book us to come out to clean your gutters, please give us a call. We are happy to answer your questions and provide you with an upfront no-obligation FREE quotation.

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