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Are you looking for a reliable company to clean the exterior of your home or business? Xplicit Kleans offer affordable exterior house washing services and external building cleaning that includes cleaning roofs, gutters, solar panels, driveways, pool fencing and other exterior surfaces that require high pressure cleaning across the greater Brisbane area and beyond!


House Washing

If the outside of your house is looking like it needs a thorough clean, our exterior house-washing service will definitely make a big difference. Our process is considerably more effective and less harsh on surfaces than using just high-pressure water alone. We first break down the stubborn stains and any mould by spraying non-harmful chemicals over the surface to eat away at bacteria before washing clean with a medium to mild spray will leave the exterior of your property noticeably cleaner and fresher.

Man Cleaning Roof In Brisbane


Our roof cleaning process is different to others as we always use a two-step process for better, longer-lasting results. Our process includes firstly spraying a special chemical mixed with water to break up the grime and ingrained mould, then circling back to wash the entire roof with our professional tools under a medium pressure wash. Traditionally, others use water blasted under high pressure alone, but our process provides a visually cleaner roof and uses far less damaging techniques to a roof surface.

Gutter Cleaning

Are your gutters overflowing when it rains? Have a gutter that is blocked with leaves or other rubbish? Try our no mess gutter cleaning service that will vacuum out all kinds of dirt and debris, removing any blockages, and allow the rainwater to flow freely again. We’ll take away the hassle of doing such a dirty job yourself, we are experienced and used to working off ladders, and we have the proper equipment that allows us to do the job quickly and safely.

Pressure washing

Many different types of exterior surfaces can benefit from our pressure cleaning service. We’re happy to do small one-time jobs to bigger pressure cleaning jobs, and we can do it all. Pressure washing is ideal for paint and graffiti removal, cleaning out factories and warehouses, flood cleanups, cleaning fire & smoke damaged buildings, washing down building facades, cleaning concrete surfaces, cleaning heavy machinery and much more. We use special detergents and chemicals depending on the surface material and stubbornness of the contaminants requiring removal.

SOLAR Panels

Dust, grime, and other contaminants can accumulate on your solar panels, reducing their solar absorption efficiency and preventing them from performing to their full potential. Having your panels inspected and cleaned by a professional on a semi-regular basis will help them last longer and generate more electricity. Our chemical-free solar panel cleaning service is ideal for most residential and commercial properties. We offer a complimentary thermal imaging inspection to examine the panels for any hard-to-see damaged solar cells, components, or wiring flaws that could lead to bigger problems in the future.


Any driveway cleaning project begins with a thorough inspection to determine the best cleaning method and products that will work best for the surface.

To prepare for power washing, our team may pretreat any problem areas with solutions that break down contaminants to make them easier to remove. This includes the tough staining from oils, mud, paint, gum, grease, mould and other stubborn debris. We use specialist tools, products, and techniques to clean stamped, stencilled, plain concrete driveways, exposed aggregate, and paving.


Our window cleaners can handle all commercial and domestic window cleaning tasks. We provide external and internal window washing that includes cleaning both the glass and the tracks and the glass inside any doors using either a water-fed telescopic pole or squeegee from the ground or ladder. We can also clean your flyscreens, security screens, hard-to-reach skylights and fixed panels. We use high-quality non-toxic cleaning products to ensure your windows come up crystal clear whilst keeping any mess to a minimum.

Yard Clean Ups

If your yard has become a little untidy and needs a good clean up, we provide a yard clean up service that can help. From cutting back overgrown bushes and trees to removing piles of rubbish, we will restore your yard to its former glory in no time. Our service is ideal if you own a house or property investment that you’re preparing for sale, change of tenant or if you are about to move into a new home where the yard needs some attention. If you need to knock down an old shed, level some dirt piles, remove an aging concrete pathway or something else, our service is for you.

Body Corporate

Our specialities are working with body corporates, residential and commercial property managers and centre managements for the exterior cleaning of strata-titled building exteriors, grounds and driveways. We can tailor a reliable cleaning package to suit the business needs, operating hours, staff movements and budget. We can provide a once-off restore clean up for commercial lease changes or a regular service that will keep the property exterior looking its best, clean and inviting for visitors.

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Richard Dunn
Richard Dunn
Would recommend Xplicit Kleans as reliable windows cleaners in brisbane. We have a big 5 bedroom house that has alot of aluminium windows and glass sliding doors which they cleaned within a few hours. The glass looks very clear now and the black aluminium frames are all cleaner than they have ever been, plus there is no more dog hair in the tracks!. The guys are really pleasant to be around, are professional and i found them really respectful of our property. The window cleaning prices seem really good compared to the others we've used here before so will definitely call on their services again.
George Townshend
George Townshend
We've never had our house washed in all the years we've lived here , the place looks great thanks guys !
Patrick v. d. Helm
Patrick v. d. Helm
Great services, really nice guys!
Daniel Campbell Paoli
Daniel Campbell Paoli
They were great and easy to deal with. Very friendly and did such a good job in a difficult area. Will definitely use again.
Sharan Ghimire
Sharan Ghimire
I had my windows cleaned and drieway cleaned and o am really happy with results thankyou
Ronny Glazier
Ronny Glazier
I thought the boys were great, both jobs were so good i asked them to do a 3rd while they were here. on time to arrive, didn't waste any time getting the jobs done and very friendly too. Highly recommend
Jonny Jones
Jonny Jones
Had my Windows and gutters cleaned, fast and efficient will be using again.

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